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Polish Traditional Honey

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Herb Honey

Honey with Dry Fruits etc.

How We Work?

We take a route of collecting honey and honey products from non toxic forest areas and grass fields of Lublin in Poland. We also have the ability to be taking out honey from nutritious plants such as phacelia, buckwheat, thyme and sage, clover and many other plants.

We base on products on being natural, raw and unprocessed to expand and promote good health. We also co- operate with farmers that respect nature which grow herbs and plants that blossom. Making use of the wild fields of Lublin and taking care of the bees, following all the necessary laws we try to give you the best quality possible.

Your opinions are the most important to us about the taste and quality of the wide range of products we sell.We welcome you to look at our pictures and watch our videos, all the contents are original and authentic which are from the Polish apiary and areas where we collect honey.

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