Rewarewa Honey 🍯

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🐝 Honey from New Zealand.

🐝 Comparable to Manuka honey.

🐝 100% natural honey.

🐝 Best quality, unique flavor.

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Honey from the Rewarewa tree – Dear all, thanks to our beekeeper, this delicious novelty is now available with us, honey  from New Zealand 🌞. Limited quantity!

Rewarewa isn’t just trees, but also beautiful shrubs with bright red flower clusters that end in velvety needles, attracting bees and birds due to the large amount of nectar they produce.

This honey contains exceptionally small amounts of pollen, much like Manuka honey, because Rewarewa pollen grains are quite large and the structure of the flower makes it difficult for them to reach the nectar.

New Zealand Rewarewa honey is often compared to Manuka honey.


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